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Added by Adrian Föder about 9 years ago

[BUGFIX] Debugger now respects possible occurence of Closures

A trial isset() call for a property of a Closure resulted in a PHP
error saying "Closure objects cannot have properties". To avoid this,
the isset() statement has been replaced with a property_exists().

This is considered slower than isset(), like claimed in a User Contributed
Note [1], but obviously the only workaround for these cases [2]. And speed
is not an issue when the debugger is used…

[1] http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.property-exists.php#97538
[2] https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=50146

Change-Id: I6796c92f535bc877187eb10a830e294119362a62
Fixes: #41046
Releases: 1.2

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