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Revision 18ab3356


Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 12 years ago

  • equality comparisons in persistence can now be done case-insensitive (in QueryInterface and Repository), refs #1884, refs #2811
  • changed more use of PersistenceManager into PersistenceManagerInterface
  • added support for case-insensitive equality comparison in QueryInterface implementation, fixes #2811
  • implemented Literal, LowerCase, UpperCase in QOM
  • reduced the number of tables used for storing properties by roughly 50%
  • removed Lucene search backend
  • added in-RDBMS property index and new search backend based on it, refs #1886
FLOW3 Distribution:
  • removed Lucene package from Global packages
  • removed install.sh, it was broken anyway
  • added
  • modified
  • copied
  • renamed
  • deleted