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Revision 1bfbd6de


Added by Robert Lemke almost 14 years ago

This commit contains the initial implementation of the new Cache subpackage. It's not finished yet and not used anywhere.

  • FLOW3: (Utility) Added a function which returns the path to PHP's temporary directory
  • FLOW3: (Utility) Fixed the removeDirectoryRecursively() function.
  • FLOW3: (AOP) The generated code of proxy classes is now evaluated directly instead of being written into a file. Therefore AOP works without write permissions for FileCache/.
  • FLOW3: (Resource) Added a stupidly simple implementation of a File Resource - it's used for mocking in the Cache tests. Note that the whole Resource Manager will change a lot in the future!
  • FLOW3: (Cache) Added a new subpackage: "Cache". It already comes with a basic cache manager, interfaces for caches and backends and some cache and backend implementation.
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