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Revision 237b0ac7


Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst about 10 years ago

[BUGFIX] (Persistence): Implement deferred loading in Doctrine\QueryResult

Until now, Doctrine\QueryResult got all results passed into the constructor.

This change modifies the behavior such that queries are executed lazily, on first
access of the QueryResult object, leading to a big performance gain when dealing
with many objects.

Furthermore, cloned Query objects were still connected to the original instance,
as they shared the same QueryBuilder. This has been fixed as well.

Additionally, deserializing simple queries without a constraint now also works
properly. Before, this case lead to incomplete DQL, resulting in a Doctrine error.

All of the above is covered with Functional Tests.

Change-Id: Ide7faf982f68efe15eb2fdaa5c68063b7770a735
Resolves: #28995

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