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Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

  • [TASK] FLOW3 (Monitor): Renamed F3\FLOW3\Monitor\ChangeDetectionStrategy\ModificationTime to F3\FLOW3\Monitor\ChangeDetectionStrategy\ModificationTimeStrategy
  • [TASK] FLOW3 (Core): Move the F3\FLOW3\FLOW3 class into its own sub package "Core". The class is now called "Bootstrap".
  • [+FEAT] FLOW3 (Core): Implemented a basic locking mechanism which locks the whole site while code caches are cleared. It's basically working but currently not customizable. Try it out by changing some code somewhere and then run two requests (in dev context) almost simultaneously. The Lock Manager is invoked on file changes through the Signal Slot mechanism. Resolves #3581
  • [TASK] FLOW3: Simplified the index.php bootstrap a little and adjusted paths for the new Core sub package.
  • [FIX] FLOW3 (SignalSlot): Added a check within the Signal Slot dispatcher which now throws a meaningful exception if a given slot class does not exist. Resolves #3730
  • [TASK] FLOW3: Updated FLOW3's Package.xml file.
  • [TASK] FLOW3: Commented out the SetEnv declaration in the .htaccess file. FLOW3 runs in Production context by default anyway and if the environment is set in the .htaccess file by default, any environment set in a virtual host wouldn't have any effect.
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