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Revision 4346a929


Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

  • [FIX] FLOW3 (Core): FLOW3's index.php now checks if the PHP version supports namespaces before including the FLOW3 bootstrap. For PHP versions below 5.3.0RC2 an error message will be displayed. Resolves #3568
  • [TASK] FLOW3 (Package): String change in the UnknownPackage exception thrown in the Package Manager.
  • [FIX] FLOW3 (Core): Adjusted the file permissions set by the setfilepermissions.sh script. Now conflicts between command line and web user should be solved. If you experience file permission errors, please run this script. Resolves #3569
  • [TASK] FLOW3: The ./flow3 script now assumes Development to be the default context. Please use -p or --production for switching into production context.
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