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Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 10 years ago

[!!!][FEATURE] (Property) Rewritten Property Mapper

This change features a completely rewritten property mapper which is
configurable. It includes the following parts:

- A configurable property mapper, covered with unit tests
- A simple integration test for the property mapper
- Default converters (string > (int, float, string))
- Embedded in MVC component

This change removes numberous public API classes:
- Property\ObjectConverterInterface
- Property\MappingResults
- Property\MappingError
- Property\MappingWarning
- MVC\Controller\ArgumentsValidator
- MVC\Controller\ArgumentError

Furthermore, the API has changed at several important points:
- The PropertyMapper method's signature has changed,
and is now called "convert"
- The ArgumentsMappingResults are completely removed
(so ErrorActions need to be adjusted)

Related: #12862
Change-Id: Ibe4e892caa32ac0d945268b88d5e89a8f8de6003

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