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Revision 4517c43d


Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

  • FLOW3: (Package) Implemented support for multiple package directories and symlinked packages. This will surely break your current installation - some documentation and fixes for the distributions are on the way ...
  • FLOW3: !!! Removed the FLOW3_PATH_PACKAGES constant. Please use relative packages within your own package or ask the Package Manager for paths if you need one.
  • FLOW3: (Testing) Quick fix for the only-execute-this-testcase-function in the test runner (by Karsten)
  • FLOW3: (Resource) Implemented a feature for publishing package-independent resources: Just place any installation specific resources into the /Data/Resources/Public folder. Kind of a "fileadmin" folder for FLOW3.
  • FLOW3: (Resource) Resources are not mirrored anymore in CLI context
  • FLOW3: Cleaned up a few testcases
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