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Revision 475c4259


Added by Andreas Förthner over 13 years ago

Implemented the first part of the security framework.

  • FLOW3 (Security): Implemented the session security context holder
  • FLOW3 (Security): Implemented the security context that provides the current context based on request patterns and the configured authentication strategy
  • FLOW3 (Security): Implemented a basic filter firewall that can be configured in the FLOW3 configuration file
  • FLOW3 (Security): Implemented a basic security interceptor, that triggers the authentication process and can be placed in the firewall
  • FLOW3 (Security): Implemented the authentication (provider) manager and a very basic username/password provider with its token
  • FLOW3 (MVC): Changed some tests to use mock objects (firewall and security context holder)
  • FLOW3 (Validation): Fixed a bug in the alphanumeric validator
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