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Added by Jacob Floyd almost 7 years ago

[!!!][FEATURE] Introduce InjectConfiguration Annotation

This adds a new ``InjectConfiguration` annotation that can be used to
easily inject settings or other configuration types to classes.


 * @var string
 * @Flow\InjectConfiguration("my.setting")
protected $mySetting;
 * @var string
 * @Flow\InjectConfiguration(package="TYPO3.Flow", path="core.phpBinaryPathAndFilename")
protected $phpBinary;
 * @var array
 * @Flow\InjectConfiguration(type="Views")
protected $viewsConfiguration;

This change is marked breaking because it deprecates setting injection
via the ``Inject`` annotation (introduced with

It also reverts support for the ``InjectSettings`` annotation that has
been introduced with Iaec291e40ffd352de9810c4e72027c455bf8c566 (but was
never part of a release).

Change-Id: I95d62e2771caca1849999df4a95cdc9412234523
Related: FLOW-148
Releases: master

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