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Added by Karsten Dambekalns almost 10 years ago

Merge changes Ib7352397,I2064da87,I783dc39b,I4b5bc27f,I5681ff95,Ic31c9751,Ib549a428,Ia0e7de86,Iff62c0dc

  • changes:
    [FEATURE] Make target in XLIFF optional if source equals target language
    [TASK] Move AbstractXmlParser class up one level
    [TASK] Remove AbstractXmlModel from I18n
    [TASK] Functional tests for i18n Translator and FormatResolver
    [FEATURE] Add XLIFF files with common labels for translation
    [BUGFIX] Make date formatting in translations work
    [BUGFIX] Fix handling of plural forms
    [TASK] Clean up some smaller things in I18n
    [FEATURE] Allow translation files (XLIFF) on a per package basis
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