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Revision 55a312f2


Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 8 years ago

[BUGFIX] Fix security-related functional test failures

The change I724c1b352dd1807ba53b1e336f2d90e90360ff4d introduced some
test failures. This change takes care of the failing functional tests.

It does that by:

  • changing the order in which security is set up in the
    FunctionalTestCase provided by Flow.
  • setting the "current request" again after a call to clearContext() in
  • adjusting the expected exception in MethodSecurityTest in two places

Change-Id: I353e2cba11473cf9ddef82f96b6a79d9d6fefbba
Fixes: #44765
Related: #42601
Releases: master

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