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Added by Karsten Dambekalns about 13 years ago

!!! Major change, will break existing code.

Part 3 - Packages

FLOW3, most other packages:
  • added namespaces to the code of FLOW3 and all packages in the current TYPO3v5 distribution.
  • some changes to make PHPUnit (more) namespace-compatible.
Some notes:
  • Documentation updates will follow
  • you might need to change your class names when adapting namespaces to avoid using "Class", "Empty", "Default", ...
  • expect FLOW3CGL and/or PHPCodeSniffer to be broken (I'll have a look)
  • some parts might still be broken, especially in edge-cases where the global namespace needs to explicitly used
  • added
  • modified
  • copied
  • renamed
  • deleted