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Added by Karsten Dambekalns about 7 years ago

[TASK] Adjust to PHP 5.5 requirement, remove checks, fix date.timezone

The constant for the minimum PHP version has been raised to PHP 5.5.0 and some
code that existed purely for backwards compatibility with older PHP versions
has been removed.

This change removes a few checks for installed PHP extensions or PHP maximum
versions which are still from the PHP 6 era and are no longer necessary. It
also removes the dependency on ext-session (since we don't use it anyway) but
declares the dependency to ext-mbstring (since we do use that one).

We also don't set unicode related ini values which were only supported by
PHP 6. The check for the magic quotes setting is also now gone.

And finally, we don't require date.timezone to be set. Still, PHP does require
date.timezone to be set as soon as you are using date functions. In order to
still have a smooth setup experience we turn a blind eye on this setting and
simply configure the timezone to UTC if it hasn't been configured by the lazy
server admin.

Change-Id: I30de07c0bb5d322f1b8aa64d1cc890ebbe4c9ab9
Releases: master
Resolves: FLOW-124

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