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Added by Bastian Waidelich over 7 years ago

[BUGFIX] Test whether the current entity matches a privilege

This decouples the check, whether a query has to be modified by a
``EntityPrivilege`` SQL constraint from the generation of the actual
SQL query.
By this it is possible to skip not matching privileges before the SQL
is generated.

One use case for this is an ``EntityPrivilege`` with a fixed entity
type, where no matcher expression has to be evaluated to check the
target entity type.

Additionally this adds a ``FalseConditionGenerator`` to be able to add
a FALSE condition part in the SQL generation process.
Furthermore this renames the ``AnyEntityConditionGenerator`` to
``TrueConditionGenerator`` respectively for consistency reasons.

Change-Id: Iaa3ace9c862e39029a6b5c082783450821ebf45a
Releases: master, 3.0

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