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Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 9 years ago

[BUGFIX] Avoid validating instances more often than needed

The GenericObjectValidator uses a static variable to store objects being
validated. Objects were still validated over and over because at the
end of isValid() they were detached again.

This change replaces that detach() call with another concept. Now
any validator implementing the new ObjectValidatorInterface can be
given an SplObjectStorage to keep track of instances already

If you reset that container when it makes sense (before you
actively validate objects) you can avoid validating single instances
more than once in one validation run but still validate at various
points on your logic flow.

If you have implemented your own object validator you should
implement the new ObjectValidatorInterface - the easiest way is
to extend the GenericObjectValidator, if you haven't done that
so far.

Change-Id: I7f437207e27593425b1fbdfc340a442e685a317f
Fixes: #37363
Related: #34154
Releases: 1.1, 1.2

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