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Revision 6810cb20


Added by Robert Lemke almost 13 years ago

  • FLOW3: (Cache) Introduced two new interfaces - for Cache frontends and backends
  • FLOW3: (Cache) Fixed an issue with the File Backend: initializeObject() overrode the cacheDirectory setting even if it has been set through setter injection
  • FLOW3: (Object) The property / argument type "reference" has been renamed to "object" (see also updated documentation)
  • FLOW3: (Object) The object configuration option "constructorArguments" has been renamed to "arguments"
  • FLOW3: (Object) In the code "Constructor Arguments" are now referred to simply as "Arguments"
  • FLOW3: (Object) Implemented support for custom factories. Resolves #2110
  • FLOW3: (Object) Implemented support for specifying arguments / properties for objects which are injected. Resolves #2109
  • FLOW3: (Resource) Added the file_exists() check again to the Class Loader. Ommitting the check resulted in hard-to-track error messages
  • FLOW3: (Documentation) Updated the documentation. Still missing: custom factories and syntax of feature #2109
  • FLOW3: (TestPackage) Adopted and cleaned up the Object related tests
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