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Added by Alexander Berl almost 8 years ago

[BUGFIX] PackageManager initialize() signature is incompatible

PackageManagerInterface contains following method declaration::

public function initialize(\TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap $bootstrap);

however in the PackageManager the signature is::

public function initialize(\TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap $bootstrap,
$packagesBasePath = FLOW_PATH_PACKAGES,
$packageStatesPathAndFilename = '')

This will create a fatal error on some versions of php and when running
unit tests on hhvm (of CMS), see

"The class implementing the interface must use the exact same method
signatures as are defined in the interface. Not doing so will result
in a fatal error."

This change updates the method signature of the PackageManager to be in
line with the interface.

Change-Id: I94cf40fb788861f2e4c9e656bea57a0ff2354113
Fixes: #56409
Releases: master, 2.1

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