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Revision 6feb49ba


Added by Robert Lemke over 7 years ago

Revert "[TASK] Resources are published with relative symlinks"

This reverts commit 6d206c1d35324f26e8780fdad80fed466bc9f4e1
(also known as I2e84cd8f9abd41578a87791813d03e764528feb9)

In a real-world Surf setup, this patch will cause invalid relative
paths in the generated symbolic links.

For example:

The current release is in

which would have a realpath() of

A published resource symlink would incorrectly point to

The correct path would be

Since there are more variations to consider (virtual host root path
contains a symlink to releases/current/Web/_Resources or not)
this can't be solved last minute and needs thorough testing.

Change-Id: Icebfbd2d495c2585b2dca6a439a49b510576c3fb
Releases: master, 2.2

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