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Revision 7030ab49


Added by Bastian Waidelich over 12 years ago

  • Removed FLOW3\Utility\GenericCollection from repository, it's currently not needed. Resolves #3400
  • Moved method setArgumentsFromRawRequestData() from Router to RequestBuilder. Resolves #3368
  • Renamed URIHelper to URIBuilder. Removed Classes HelperInterface, AbstractHelper and InvalidViewHelper Exception. Adapted AbstractView & ViewInterface. Resolves #3303
  • Added section parameter to URIFor() method of the URIBuilder
  • Refactored Base controllers - controllerContext is no instance variable anymore and will be created when passed to view in initializeView(). Resolves #3404
  • ControllerContext is of scope prototype now. Added setter/getter for URIBuilder. Some cosmetic changes.
  • Added getRequestPath() to Request.
  • ControllerKeys (@controller, @action, @package, @subpackage and @format) can now be set by request arguments. Resolves #2853
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