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Added by Robert Lemke over 10 years ago

[~TASK] Automatic compile run with basic caching

This re-introduces an automatic compile run which is started automatically
as a sub request if class files have been changes. As usual, code changes
done in the Production context will not be recognized, but if no code has
been compiled yet at all, an initial compile run is executed.

Known issues:

- AOP proxy code will be built for all aspects / target classes even if only
one single class was modified. Dependency Injection information is not cached
and must be rebuilt completely every time any class changes.

- will not work in CLI mode if the PHP binary is not in the current system path.

This also fixes a bug which resulted in performing autowiring for inject*()
methods even though the method was annotated with @autowiring off.

Relates to: #13703

Change-Id: Ie1a5b44bc469994b725a21434fc96ce5cd85e489

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