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Added by Jacob Floyd over 6 years ago

[TASK] Add support for sphinx-autobuild in docs

This adds support for sphinx-autobuild, which watches the Documentation
directory and automatically re-renders docs when changed. This allows
for a livepreview while editing the docs. It also serves the pages via
the python-livereload server so they will be automatically refreshed
when the docs are re-rendered.

To use it, install `sphinx-autobuild`_::

pip install sphinx-autobuild

To use livepreview just run ``make livehtml`` instead of ``make html``.
Then, visit to see the livereload version of the

``make livehtml`` renders the docs exactly the same as ``make html``
does. A ``livereload.js`` script does get injected, but not by the
rendering process. The script gets injected on the fly by
python-livereload when serving the pages.

.. _sphinx_autobuild: https://github.com/GaretJax/sphinx-autobuild

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