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Added by Karsten Dambekalns about 7 years ago

[TASK] Proper(er) solution for connection issue hotfix

Right before the release of 3.0.0 beta 1 a hotfix was added to enable
proxy compilation even if no database connection is possible. Said
problem is caused by the update to Doctrine ORM 2.4 which pulls in a new
DBAL version as well. That offers version-aware platform handling and in
turn tries to connect and read the server software version used whenever
the database platform instance is fetched.

This change drops the unconditional try/catch hotfix and replaces it by
more (but not less awkward) code. If a connection is not possible, the
generic platform tied to a driver will be used, which is sufficient for
the tasks that make sense without a connection.

Change-Id: Id3b4c73b40ff978a82bb498b8310ef9498ed2369
Releases: master, 3.0

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