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Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 10 years ago

Merge changes I42207d0c,Ief86e4fc,Ia913bc4a,Ieba959ec,Ica7b3c79,I16d3c3ae,Ifaa49b12,Ia98aacad,Ib09bd851,I635cce55,Iac0c4792,Ia91fc4ef

  • changes:
    [-TASK] Remove use of ObjectManager
    [~TASK] Optimize count in PDO persistence backend
    [~TASK] Code and test cleanup
    [+FEATURE] (Persistence) Bring back generic persistence
    [~TASK] (Security) Adjust QueryRewritingAspect
    [~TASK] Allow any class as type in ClassSchema
    [~TASK] Adapt to Doctrine persistence
    [+FEATURE] (Persistence) Add Doctrine adapter
    [~TASK] (Persistence) Some tiny fixes to Doctrine
    [+TASK] (Persistence) Add Doctrine 2 libraries
    [!!!][-TASK] Remove (old) persistence remains
    [!!!][-FEATURE] (Persistence) Remove (old) persistence
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