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Revision ae1e2e15


Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 13 years ago

Summary: the persistence layer now handles updates to objects...

  • Advice on __wakeup() is now taken into account, despite the special handling of __wakeup and even if it does not exist in target class
  • Reflection_FakeConstructor is now Reflection_FakeMethod - it was needed for __wakeup() as well
  • The reflection service has it's cache primed earlier in the FLOW3 bootstrap now, to allow building of class schemata during cached runs
  • The persistence subpackage now has advice for registering clean object state after reconstitution and advice implementing dirty checking on an object
  • The persistence manager hands over updated objects to the persistence backend
  • Multi-valued properties are now stored in their own table and no longer as serialized value - thanks to Matthias Hörmann!
  • Objects reconstituted for the FLOW3 persistence layer are registered with the (new) identity map
  • The FLOW3 persistence backend has been renamed and handles updates to existing objects now
  • Added AfterNonExistingWakeupAspect and EmptyClass for new afterReturningAdviceOnWakeupWorksEvenIfTargetClassHasNoWakeup() test in FLOW3
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