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Revision b12c43ac


Added by Robert Lemke almost 14 years ago

  • FLOW3: (Component) Removed support for setter injection via generic "setProperty()" method.
  • FLOW3: (Component) Setter injection is now also possible via a "inject" method, e.g. injectSomeDependency() (instead of setSomeDependency). All methods whose name starts with "inject" will be included into the autowiring procedure. Therefore dependencies don't need to be configured explicitly in the Components.ini when "inject" methods are used. Resolves #319.
  • FLOW3: (Component) Added autowiring support for "inject" setter methods. Addresses #319.
  • Smarty: Added check against multiple definition of "SMARTY_DIR"
  • Testing, TYPO3, PhoneBookTutorial: Refactored to the new "inject*" methods in the action controllers.
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