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Added by Andreas Förthner over 12 years ago

FLOW3 (Security):
  • made parallel authentication mechanisms possible. Now you can login to typo3 with a different mechanism than to flow3
  • credentials are no longer stored in the session.
  • the RSA keys are now stored in a cache with a TTL of 30.
  • reinjectDependencies is now used when authentication tokens are retrieved from the session.
  • Exception/Handler is not needed.
  • the authentication tokens hold an authentication status now. Look at the TokenInterface for possible values.
  • added a getTokensOfType() method to the security context.
  • authentication entry points work now.
  • Adjusted the security configuration in FLOW3.yaml (you have to enable security to test the new features)
  • Access is now denied if no policy entry is found.
    TYPO3 (Backend):
  • renamed the property $viewObjectName to $defaultViewObjectName, according to latest changes.
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