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Added by Karsten Dambekalns almost 9 years ago

[TASK] Use Doctrine 2.3 ORM and adjust as needed

This adjusts our annotation driver to the changes in Doctrine 2.3 that
were breaking.

Also it adds the code needed to support new features:

  • NamedNativeQueries annotation
  • SqlResultSetMappings annotation
  • Table->options
  • DiscriminatorColumn->columnDefinition
  • AssociationOverrides annotation
  • AttributeOverrides annotation
  • CustomIdGenerator annotation

Furthermore it requires doctrine/data-fixtures now, something we
previously had packaged into our Doctrine.Common package.

This change drops three changes we had applied to the stock packages

  • ORM - Throw exception if no identifier can be found in UnitOfWork
  • ORM - In proxies add docblocks and move __wakeup() call around
  • DBAL - Fix connection charset with MySQL for PHP < 5.3.6
    (see https://review.typo3.org/4587).

Change-Id: I21f24bf9ef825ce6d6d03a5a9c2d271c41543507
Resolves: #40863
Releases: 1.2

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