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Added by Robert Lemke over 12 years ago

This is a commit of work in progress. If you're already using FLOW3 (semi-) productively, you better skip this version because the MVC framework currently lacks validation and might lead to some other unexpected behavior. OTOH the code seems to be quite stable, so nothing to really worry about. More code related to the MVC framework and especially validation will follow soon, I just had to get rid of all these changes ...

  • FLOW3: (Persistence) Made sure that the object name "...\Persistence\ManagerInterface" is used everywhere instead of "...\Persistence\Manager".
  • FLOW3: (Error) Annotated the "Error" and "Warning" class as prototype and renamed *ErrorMessage() and *ErrorCode() to *Message() and *Code().
  • FLOW3: (MVC) Fixed and re-enabled tests of the Abstract Controller
  • FLOW3: (MVC) !!! Started rewriting the argument mapping mechanism. It should work but be aware that NO VALIDATION and NO FILTERING is active at the moment!
  • FLOW3: (MVC) The automatic argument registration in the Action Controller now detects optional arguments and registers them as such.
  • FLOW3: (MVC) Cleaned up the Argument(s) classes and implemented an early version of identity support in setValue()
  • FLOW3: (MVC) Added initial implementation of identity support for the resolve() method of a DynamicRoutePart. I'll give more information on this topic as soon as it's completely implemented.
  • FLOW3: (MVC) Removed the emit* method in the router and replaced it by a call to the System Logger: Now the log contains an entry stating which route has been chosen.
  • FLOW3: (Persistence) In the ClassSchema renamed the (is)RepositoryManaged property and methods to (is)AggregateRoot.
  • FLOW3: (Persistence) Added safeguard to the Persistence\Manager::getClassSchema() method
  • FLOW3: (Property / MVC) For now, completely removed the concept of Property Converters!
  • FLOW3: (Property) Started reimplementing the Property Mapper. Most of the old functionality has been removed but much of it will return soon.
  • FLOW3: (Reflection) Changed the order of access method detection in the ObjectAccess class. Any other order causes proplems in the MVC mechanism. If a property could not be accessed, now NULL is returned (instead of throwing an exception)
  • FLOW3: (Validation) Moved the AbstractValidator and Validation interfaces to the Validator sub package
  • Fluid: (ViewHelpers) Added support for an "arguments" attribute in the FormViewHelper which allows for specifying arguments for the action URI.
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