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Added by Robert Lemke almost 13 years ago

[+FEAT] FLOW3 (MVC): The format of a request may now contain any character which allows to specify formats like "rss.xml" or "foo.bar.baz.html" instead of just "xml".
[~TASK] FLOW3 (Validation): Fixed an exception message in the Validator Resolver.
[+FEAT] Fluid (View): While resolving the path and file name of a template, Fluid now takes the request's format into account. By default it is ".html" and now others, like ".xml" or even ".rss.xml" are possible.
[+FEAT] Fluid (ViewHelper): The Action View Helper and the URI Builder now support rendering of absolute URIs. This comes in handy if you need an URI pointing to your feed or the like. Absolute URIs can be generated by specifying the "absolute" property: <f:link.action action="index" controller="Post" absolute="TRUE" />...

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