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Revision dc39b58d


Added by Marc Neuhaus about 8 years ago

[FEATURE] Allow view configuration via Views.yaml

This patch adds a new Configuration called ``Views.yaml``
to set/override various settings for Views, just
like the template path to use or controller options.

Example ``Views.yaml``::

requestFilter: 'isPackage("My.Package")'
viewClassName: 'TYPO3\TypoScript\View\TypoScriptView'
typoScriptPathPattern: 'resource://My.Package/Private/TypoScripts'

Change I7596f6fc7f8349f3c43d05e6b5916b7946d412d5 in
Fluid takes care about this with rearranging the TemplateView.

Additionally this change introduces a dependency to TYPO3.Eel.

Change-Id: I93acc3ed3d9578a5d00d494b367aa7201138255b
Resolves: #42176
Releases: master

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