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Added by Robert Lemke over 9 years ago

[FEATURE] Precompiled reflection data for frozen packages

This feature introduces "frozen packages". Through the command line
command "package:freeze" one ore more packages can be set into a
frozen state. A frozen package is excluded from file monitoring and
its reflection data is stored in a file separate from the regular
caches. After caches have been flushed, this precompiled reflection
data is loaded in order to speed up the compile run during that first

With "package:unfreeze" packages can be unfrozen and "package:refreeze"
will refresh the precompiled reflection data of an already frozen

Package freezing is only supported for Development context.

Resolves: #34827
Resolves: PHX-71
Releases: 1.1

Change-Id: Icee8530d8796f27345d75530c466fc0822285a58

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