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Revision ebcddb26


Added by Karsten Dambekalns over 10 years ago

[!!!][BUGFIX] Resolve non-standard model/repository bindings

If a repository and the model it holds don't match via the naming
conventions, the ReflectionService did not detect that the model is
an aggregate root.

This involves a breaking change for those that are using the property
$objectType in their repositories. That needs to be changed to a
constant named ENTITY_CLASSNAME:
protected $objectType = 'FooBar';
needs to become
const ENTITY_CLASSNAME = 'FooBar';

As a bonus this change adds a new method getEntityClassName() to the
base repositories which can be used to find out which entity is managed
by a repository instance.

Change-Id: I7920587c4060f6583276b05e8686a997e113b7b7
Fixes: #12190

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