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Added by Sebastian Kurfuerst over 10 years ago

[!!!][FEATURE] Improve error and message handling, change validation API

- Error\Result as base class for generic "Results" (used by validation
and by Property Mapping)
- Error\Message as base class for a generic error message, with
subclasses Error, Warning and Notice.

- Completely reworked Validation API, adjusting all validators.
- Validators can now be singletons or prototypes
- Validator options are passed in the constructor
- Integration into new Property Mapper / MVC Component
- Integration into persistence

- Changed the way Validation errors are handled in the MVC component.
Now, one usually does not need @dontvalidate annotations in the
controller anymore, and no parameters in the new-action.
- @dontvalidate annotations are not available anymore, instead
there is a new @ignorevalidation annotation. When this annotation
is set and there is a validation error, the action method is still

- Unit tests might still fail; but we will fix this after T3BOARD
as discussed.

Related: #13161
Change-Id: I2da62b7ae01646280e3da8f73975498be8fa88dd

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