From 2008-11-01 to 2008-11-30


16:53 Revision fd467d6e: Beer3:
* Committing a fix for javascript... but it is not really nice Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:06 Revision 6f8b9f61: Beer3:
* Fixed stupid typing error Sebastian Kurfuerst
22:01 Revision 190f1c8e: Beer3:
* Updated class documentation
* Updated DocBook docs
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:33 Revision daaef5d8: Beer3:
* Added really cool SelectViewHelper integration with Domain Classes Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:47 Revision e19e4435: Updated user manual
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:43 Revision 0951b618: Beer3:
* Added LayoutViewHelper Sebastian Kurfuerst


16:03 Revision 3a362ddf: Beer3:
* Fixed comments and documentation Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:20 Revision 595c713d: Beer3:
* Added rudimentary layout system based on a variant of the "Decorator"-Pattern Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:38 Revision f0b993db: Beer3:
* Updated documentation
* Introduced PostParseFacet
* Fixed ForViewHelper unit test
Sebastian Kurfuerst
07:37 Revision 85b86c7d: Beer3:
* Major refactorings
* New View Helpers
Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:46 Revision ba2ead64: Beer3:
* Implemented If/Then/Else View Helper
* Wrote first bit of user manual
Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:38 Revision 211ffe45: Beer3:
* Unified names in Node Hierarchy (Context -> VariableContainer)
* Wrote first test case for "For" View Helper
Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:57 Revision e4063415: Beer3:
* Renamed all component* to object*, following Robert's refactoring Sebastian Kurfuerst
00:05 Revision dfb49b31: Beer3:
* Updated template view
* Tried out first unit test ideas
* Implemented first two view helpers (still preliminary)
Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:15 Revision 4fccc14d: Removing eclipse project from beer3
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:35 Revision 5b839b63: Beer3:
* Updated Template View Sebastian Kurfuerst


12:04 Revision 71eafd18: Beer3:
* Moved abstract view helper to core package
* Deleted old fixtures directory
* Implemented support for Facets::Child...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:14 Revision 89a37dff: Beer3:
* Major structural refactoring Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:53 Revision 68ead55e: Beer3:
* Major restructurings
* Created a "Core"-Namespace
* Created a Core/SyntaxTree Namespace
Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:12 Revision dc1e9b8b: Beer3:
* Refactored it to make account for the component manager changes of Robert Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:03 Revision b72772a6: Beer3:
* Changed view helpers to be class based Sebastian Kurfuerst

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