From 2008-12-01 to 2008-12-30


18:16 Revision 1d0ae3c2: * Fluid: (Core) Fixed an unchecked array which resulted in a bunch of warnings while running the tests
* Fluid: (Documentation) Fixed a few class names using the old namespace syntax (more to be fixed ...) Robert Lemke


02:54 Revision 1b702fb9: Fluid:
* Made additionalArguments work :-) Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:43 Revision 0f6ad2d2: Fluid:
* Adding additionalArguments support Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:33 Revision 44b2214d: Fluid:
* Implemented GUI for XSD Generator Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:17 Bug #2359 (Resolved): Update Documentation [has patch]
* updated documentation to new namespace syntax
* replaced BEER3 with Fluid in documentation
Irene Höppner


13:44 Revision d19aae33: Fluid:
* Added initial version of XSD generator Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:40 Revision 25f495c1: Fluid:
* Adding first stub of an XSD generator for Eclipse autocompletion
* Added more test cases for some view helpers
Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:53 Revision b8cc2192: Fluid:
* additional textarea fix Sebastian Kurfuerst
23:50 Revision cc681dc6: Fluid:
* Readded the textarea view helper. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:01 Revision 782c1146: Fluid:
* Small fixes Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:52 Revision 13be2521: Fluid:
* Made Fluid PHP 5.3 Alpha 3 compatible by changing the namespace syntax Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:06 Revision d96bbf43: Fluid:
* Renaming SVN directory to Fluid Sebastian Kurfuerst
23:03 Revision 9537ab8f: Fluid:
* Made unit tests run green again :-) Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:00 Revision 531e35a0: Fluid:
* First renaming commit - but does not work yet Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:50 Revision 6de18930: Beer3:
* Fixing cdata handling if there is a newline Sebastian Kurfuerst
19:01 Revision 5083cf19: Beer3:
* Implemented <![CDATA[...]]> support :-) Sebastian Kurfuerst

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