From 2008-12-21 to 2009-01-19


11:28 Revision d0bfd95f: Fluid:
* added some comments to TemplateView and CropViewHelper
* added a trigger_error() call for addVariable()
Karsten Dambekalns


14:08 Revision 881534f7: Fluid:
* Made XSD generation work Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:49 Revision 16669a74: Fluid:
* Updated error messages
* Added Date Format View Helper
* Added Tag View Helper
* added assign() method in TemplateV...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:41 Revision cae30c68: Fluid:
* Preparing ViewHelpers so that they can handle subpackages. Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:57 Revision d7c0158b: Fluid:
* a little style nitpicking Karsten Dambekalns
13:39 Revision d14f83fc: Fluid:
* Fixed fatal error Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:03 Revision 8197f862: Fluid:
* Adjusted SelectViewHelper to implement the "property" as well Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:29 Revision b5638d16: Fluid:
* fixed method signature mismatch in some fixtures Karsten Dambekalns


17:56 Revision 9eb60f56: Fluid:
* Converted TextareViewHelper to use the new AbstractFormViewHelper Sebastian Kurfuerst


22:57 Feature #1988 (Resolved): create multiple facets(=Interfaces) for ViewHelpers
done. Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:48 Revision ed741e99: Fluid:
* Restructured the object accessors Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:26 Revision 75f4b4bf: Fluid:
* Minor adjustments to Property editing Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:09 Revision 4094eb9e: Fluid:
* Added basic Property support Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:16 Revision 1d0ae3c2: * Fluid: (Core) Fixed an unchecked array which resulted in a bunch of warnings while running the tests
* Fluid: (Documentation) Fixed a few class names using the old namespace syntax (more to be fixed ...) Robert Lemke


02:54 Revision 1b702fb9: Fluid:
* Made additionalArguments work :-) Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:43 Revision 0f6ad2d2: Fluid:
* Adding additionalArguments support Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:33 Revision 44b2214d: Fluid:
* Implemented GUI for XSD Generator Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:17 Bug #2359 (Resolved): Update Documentation [has patch]
* updated documentation to new namespace syntax
* replaced BEER3 with Fluid in documentation
Irene Höppner

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