From 2009-01-17 to 2009-02-15


16:21 Revision d6f429e3: * FLOW3: (MVC) (mostly) implemented automatic registration of action arguments: Now you don't need to register arguments manually with $this->arguments->addNewArgument(...); but just write an action method with arguments and document them properly in the method's DocComment. Note that only basic support is implemented yet (stringm, integer and object arguments) and that other validators (such as "required") are not yet configured automatically. Addresses #2506.
* FLOW3: (MVC) !!! Removed the initializeController() method from the AbstractController. Didn't find any meaningful ... Robert Lemke
09:53 Revision d21cff22: Fluid: !!! Changed the default paths for layouts and templates !!!
Templates are now expected in [PackageKey]/Resources/Private/Templates/[SubPackageKey].../[ControllerName]/[actionNam... Robert Lemke


17:36 Revision 44686912: Small addition to the upload view helper
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:02 Revision 9b3e9a5c: * FLOW3: (MVC) Moved the ConverterInterface into the correct namespace. Addresses #2515
* FLOW3: (Utility) Added a new function getFileContents() to the Files library. Preferibly use this function instead ... Robert Lemke


15:35 Revision 112843da: Fluid: Made hidden view helper aware of other tag arguments as well. might be helpful
Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:04 Revision 50371fb3: !!! Globally renamed all class files to the new shorter version. Resolves #2524
FLOW3: (Resource) Adapted the class loader and other related parts of FLOW3 to the new class filename convention
Robert Lemke


12:09 Revision 9d0ea475: Fluid:
* Fixed subpackage link generation
* Made template resolving work with case-sensitivity
* Subpackages are now taken i...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:43 Revision f5331bc4: Fluid:
* reverted changes from r1769, as the previous state was correct, the bug is elsewhere Karsten Dambekalns
11:48 Revision b0e22630: Fluid:
* changed a lonely Beer3 occurrence to Fluid
* fixed case of some files, that were not found on case-sensitive file s...
Karsten Dambekalns


11:28 Revision d0bfd95f: Fluid:
* added some comments to TemplateView and CropViewHelper
* added a trigger_error() call for addVariable()
Karsten Dambekalns

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