From 2009-01-29 to 2009-02-27


09:30 Revision 11e5d094: Fluid: Fix to base tag
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:51 Revision e47706cf: Fluid:
* Fixing a partial problem Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:36 Revision 449737bb: Fluid:
* Updated documentation
* Added preliminary partial support
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:07 Revision 5588f69e: Fluid:
* Made PostParseFacet static. NON-BACKWARDS-COMPATIBLE if you use PostParseFacet (which is highly unlikely) Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:33 Revision c78398ba: Fluid:
!!! * Renamed additionalArguments to additionalAttributes. THIS BREAKS BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY! Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:20 Revision ae9ba877: Fluid:
* Fixed test cases Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:50 Revision a10bd892: Fluid:
* some fixes to the unit tests that broke after the last commit. Still some work needed! Karsten Dambekalns
14:06 Revision fceb7035: Fluid:
* Added syntax tree caching - boosts performance a lot. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:49 Revision 968245e6: Fluid:
* some renaming and titling in the documentation Karsten Dambekalns


23:51 Revision 27497bf5: Fluid:
* restructured documentation to fit new rendering scheme
* some markup fixes to the documentation
Karsten Dambekalns


14:04 Feature #2669 (Closed): PDF version of the documentation
In the attachment, there is the PDF version of the documentation.
If you are interested by the script that makes t...
Fabien Udriot


08:39 Revision 0875a634: Fluid:
* Updated documentation thoroughly Sebastian Kurfuerst


16:21 Revision d6f429e3: * FLOW3: (MVC) (mostly) implemented automatic registration of action arguments: Now you don't need to register arguments manually with $this->arguments->addNewArgument(...); but just write an action method with arguments and document them properly in the method's DocComment. Note that only basic support is implemented yet (stringm, integer and object arguments) and that other validators (such as "required") are not yet configured automatically. Addresses #2506.
* FLOW3: (MVC) !!! Removed the initializeController() method from the AbstractController. Didn't find any meaningful ... Robert Lemke
09:53 Revision d21cff22: Fluid: !!! Changed the default paths for layouts and templates !!!
Templates are now expected in [PackageKey]/Resources/Private/Templates/[SubPackageKey].../[ControllerName]/[actionNam... Robert Lemke


17:36 Revision 44686912: Small addition to the upload view helper
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:02 Revision 9b3e9a5c: * FLOW3: (MVC) Moved the ConverterInterface into the correct namespace. Addresses #2515
* FLOW3: (Utility) Added a new function getFileContents() to the Files library. Preferibly use this function instead ... Robert Lemke


The problem is the following:
- if someone writes something like {}, then sometimes HTML output should ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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