From 2009-03-04 to 2009-04-02


17:40 Revision 0dc2ce23: This commit mostly consists of speed optimizations.
* FLOW3: (AOP) Fixed a few pointcut filters which crashed while trying to match against an automatically created cons... Robert Lemke
16:29 Revision 41ecf615: Fluid:
* Improved generation of documentation
* Generated Fluid-ViewHelper documentation
Sebastian Kurfuerst


17:46 Revision 501ba40f: Fluid:
* Preliminary ViewHelper->DocBook conversion
* Refactores User manual a bit
Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:34 Revision 7b405eba: Fluid:
* Speed improvements by a factor of 3-4 through optimizing regular expressions. Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:08 Revision e978b24c: Fluid:
* Updated documentation
* Set default form submission method from GET to POST
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:40 Revision 97b5b6df: * Fluid: (ViewHelpers) Implemented a mechanism which automatically renders a hidden identity field into a form if the form's object attribute is set.
* TYPO3CR: (FLOW3) Fixed the matchUUID() constraint. Robert Lemke


22:29 Revision 778c720f: * Fluid: (Core) Objects which implement the ArrayAccess interface are now accepted as data type "array".
* Fluid: (ViewHelpers) The if view helper now checks if an object implementing the interface Countable counts more th... Robert Lemke
18:28 Revision 00645f0c: * FLOW3: (MVC) Added 'delay' and 'statusCode' as arguments for the new redirect() action. Relates to #2816
* Fluid: Quickfix for the FormViewHelper so it at least doesn't cause fatal exceptions. Robert Lemke
17:33 Revision 174aa131: Fluid: Disabled validtion of default values
Sebastian Kurfuerst
01:05 Revision 97e8ed0c: Fluid:
* Implemented nicer argument handling, taking default arguments into account correctly Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:34 Revision f9213592: * Fluid: added standard tag attributes "accesskey" and "tabindex" to TagBasedViewHelper
* Fluid: added missing call to registerUniversalTagAttributes() in TagBasedViewHelper fixture class Bastian Waidelich
23:21 Revision e40bcdff: Fluid:
* Fixed ugly issue with argument order Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:01 Revision 6872f187: Fluid:
* improved exception messages Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:43 Revision fe1b2dc9: Fluid:
* Started working on automatic __identity field generation in form view helper.
* Commented out some test cases which...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:19 Revision ef274736: Fluid:
* Fluid now supports parsing of argument documentation Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:24 Revision 8912aca9: Fluid:
* Implemented automagic registration of arguments Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:36 Revision 1f749750: Fluid:
* Adjustments to make transformation to TYPO3 v4 possible Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:15 Revision f7fd8924: Fluid:
* replaced regular expression constants with static Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:46 Revision 4b1425b8: * FLOW3: (Persistence) The DirtyMonitoringAspect now introduces a __clone() method which unsets the clean properties of the monitored object.
* Fluid: Fixed the registerTag methods which lacked the new $type argument. Symptom was that tag attributes which wer... Robert Lemke


15:09 Revision 9da8e84b: Fluid:
* Implemented mandatory and optional arguments support
* Implemented validation of ViewHelper arguments, using the Va...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


17:15 Revision 65adf89a: * Fluid: added missing visibility declarations and fixed invalid Exception namespace in ViewHelperArguments.
* Fluid: removed assign() from TemplateViewInterface as it was added to F3\FLOW3\MVC\View\ViewInterface in previous c... Bastian Waidelich


12:24 Revision f305c3a9: Fluid:
* Form\SelectViewHelper: Support for multiple selections Sebastian Kurfuerst


17:34 Revision ea82397e: Fluid:
* Drastic speed improvements by optimizing regular expressions Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:23 Revision 20ecdb60: Fluid:
* Fixed bug #2824: Caching of TemplateView is now handled in an aspect, and can be switched on or off. Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:05 Revision f308dfde: Fluid:
* Fixing case issue - Second commit Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:05 Revision f3f77e88: Fluid:
* Fixing case issue - First commit Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:07 Revision 3f613f66: This is a commit of work in progress. If you're already using FLOW3 (semi-) productively, you better skip this version because the MVC framework currently lacks validation and might lead to some other unexpected behavior. OTOH the code seems to be quite stable, so nothing to really worry about. More code related to the MVC framework and especially validation will follow soon, I just had to get rid of all these changes ...
* FLOW3: (Persistence) Made sure that the object name "...\Persistence\ManagerInterface" is used everywhere instead o... Robert Lemke


18:14 Revision bf3fd915: Section support in partials
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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