From 2009-05-08 to 2009-06-06


16:17 Feature #3595 (Closed): Convert integer types to boolean for if viewhelper
This was fixed in r2345.
Bastian Waidelich
09:13 Feature #3595 (Closed): Convert integer types to boolean for if viewhelper
Hello, after wndeirng why certain if conditions didn't work in my flow templates, i figures out it was because it did... Balisky Christophe
10:25 Feature #3293 (Accepted): support for legacy TypoScript (with . at end)
Christian Müller takes over this job! Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:42 Feature #3293: support for legacy TypoScript (with . at end)
All TypoScript settings are made available under $this->settings inside the Controller, and as well as {set...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:01 Bug #3298 (Resolved): "if" expression language
Applied in changeset r2575. Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:45 Revision 4d158755: * [+FEAT] Fluid (Core): Implemented a simple Expression Language which is used for boolean ViewHelper arguments. The language supports statements of the form "XX Comparator YY", where Comparator is one of ==, %, >, >=, <, <= and XX/YY are an Object Accessor, an array, a ViewHelper or a number (NO string!). This expression language can be used always inside all boolean arguments of ViewHelpers. (fixes #3298)
* [+MISC] Fluid (Core): Added some comments to ObjectAccessorPostProcessorInterface
* [-FEAT] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Re...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:40 Bug #3294: Introduce reflection cache
Some parts of Fluid/Extbase use Reflection to determine the parameters of an action and a ViewHelper. For t...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:56 Feature #3592 (Resolved): Alias view helper for setting template variables
There should be an alias view helper that can set variables in the template.
The following use cases should be sup...
Christopher Hlubek
12:15 Bug #3298 (Accepted): "if" expression language
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:43 Bug #3551 (Accepted): HtmlViewHelper outputs htmlspecialchared code
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:41 Bug #3551: HtmlViewHelper outputs htmlspecialchared code
We'll create a new variable inside a ViewHelper called "$rawInput" which disables the postprocessing of ViewHelpers i... Sebastian Kurfuerst


09:49 Bug #3551: HtmlViewHelper outputs htmlspecialchared code
Note: The reason for this bug is the automatic htmlspecialchar'ing of object accessors introduced with http://forge.t... Bastian Waidelich


19:51 Bug #3551 (Resolved): HtmlViewHelper outputs htmlspecialchared code
using the HtmlViewHelper at least in typo3 4.3 the output is always htmlspecialchared.
@$value = h...
Joerg Schoppet


16:43 Revision 7af8001b: Increased version number to next release version.
Robert Lemke
16:23 Revision a6a152d5: Tagged package Fluid as version 1.0.0-alpha1
Robert Lemke
16:22 Revision 2612374f: Fluid: Fixed version number
Robert Lemke
12:35 Revision 354c4b52: Added svn:keywords where missing...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:32 Revision 230cfb89: Fluid:
* fixed #3529 (identity fields rendered for new objects) Karsten Dambekalns


16:35 Feature #3525 (Resolved): translateViewHelper and key="LLL:EXT:lang/locallang_core.xml:show_item.php.table"
The translateViewHelper should be able to resolve referenced paths to external lang files given in the form key="LLL:... Susanne Moog


12:22 Revision ed4fd70d: Fluid:
* Added name, rel, rev and target tag attributes to link.action and link.external
* Added (yet empty) test cases for ...
Bastian Waidelich


23:50 Revision e491a802: Fluid:
* A non-functional change: Now using the fully qualified interface name in HTMLSpecialCharsPostProcessor Sebastian Kurfuerst
19:37 Revision c047ecc0: Fluid:
* Changes to some testcases to make backporting work Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:08 Revision b1c380f9: Fluid:
* Fixed StandardController Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:06 Feature #2669: PDF version of the documentation
Please publish the conversion script or send me a copy by mail typo3_*at*
Steffen Müller
16:45 Revision 5d340047: Fluid:
* Added "exp:equals" ViewHelper which compares two variables. This ViewHelper is experimental, use at your own risk! Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:17 Revision 1da70839: Fluid:
* Fixed Docbook Generator
* Fixed some doc comments
* Generated the current ViewHelperLibrary reference in DocBook
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:40 Feature #3317 (Accepted): AbstractFormViewHelper must be adjusted to be able to namespace arguments
Jochen Rau
12:21 Feature #3479 (Resolved): Implement ViewHelperVariableContainer
done Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:54 Feature #3479 (Resolved): Implement ViewHelperVariableContainer
Implement ViewHelperVariableContainer Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:21 Bug #3480 (Resolved): SelectViewHelper creates multiple select field by default
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:59 Bug #3480 (Resolved): SelectViewHelper creates multiple select field by default
This Fluid HTML... Robert Lemke
12:20 Revision ae52b4f9: Fluid:
* Fixed #3480 Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:09 Revision 30f8867e: Fluid:
* Implementing ViewHelperVariableContainer (resolves #3479)
* Added more test cases for ViewHelpers
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:05 Bug #3481 (New): Use ViewHelperVariableContainer in PostParseFacet
Currently TemplateVariableContainer is used Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:56 Feature #3297 (Closed): flash message
Resolved in #2819 Robert Lemke
11:52 Bug #3288 (Resolved): ViewHelper fine tuning
Thanks Bastian for doing this :-)
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:26 Revision 76591aef: Fluid:
* Fixed a testcase Sebastian Kurfuerst
00:00 Revision 5a75ced7: Fluid:
* Added ViewHelperVariableContainer (refs #3288), but not using it so far. Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:01 Revision d29662ce: Moved licenses to the Meta folder of the packages ExtJS, FLOW3, Fluid, PHP6, PHPCR, PHPUnit, Testing, TYPO3CR, YAML; resolves #3466
Karsten Dambekalns
17:21 Revision e8b39a66: Adjusted version numbers for packages FLOW3, Fluid, PHP6, PHPCR, Testing, TYPO3CR and YAML. We now use "-dev" versions as long as the package lives in SVN. During packaging the version number is replaced by the actual release version number.
Robert Lemke


22:47 Revision 5a8029bc: Fluid:
* !!! Renamed variableContainer to templateVariableContainer in AbstractViewHelper. THIS IS A BREAKING CHANGE. Please... Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:20 Bug #3290 (Resolved): add ViewHelperContext
Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:18 Bug #3287 (Resolved): add @internal annotations
done for fluid core Sebastian Kurfuerst
17:17 Revision 2d76bbfd: Fluid:
* Added @internal annotations for core. resolves #3287 Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:10 Revision 528f7233: FLOW3:
* some whitespace paranoia^Wcleanup
* removed a use statement
* (re-)introduced some inject methods - in FLOW3 itself...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:04 Bug #3443 (Resolved): Unreachable code in TemplateView
line 246 in F3\Fluid\View\TemplateView can never be reached as there is a return before that:... Bastian Waidelich


19:01 Bug #3412 (Resolved): ViewHelperNode.php -> convertArgumentValue() -- wrong handling of integers and booleans
Applied in changeset r2345. Bastian Waidelich
18:51 Revision 5874c37a: Fluid:
* Fixed convertArgumentValue() for values of type boolean - numeric values & booleans were not converted correctly. T... Bastian Waidelich


16:15 Revision e555f97e: Second try
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:12 Revision db975fd1: FLuid:
* Created Core/Rendering and moved appropriate classes into it
* !!! Removed format.htmlEscape ViewHelper as this is ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:08 Bug #1929 (Resolved): HTMLSPECIALCHAR OUTPUT
resolved Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:35 Feature #3289 (Resolved): view context
resolved Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:19 Revision 1327300c: Fluid:
* Fixing unit test for TemplateView Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:10 Revision ff909fba: Fluid:
Sebastian Kurfuerst
14:08 Revision e9005198: Fluid:
* Added ControllerContext to AbstractViewHelper (solves #3289) Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:11 Bug #3412 (Accepted): ViewHelperNode.php -> convertArgumentValue() -- wrong handling of integers and booleans
Bastian Waidelich
09:17 Bug #3412: ViewHelperNode.php -> convertArgumentValue() -- wrong handling of integers and booleans
Snippet to reproduce:
<f:if condition={}>
params->next = TRUE;
Susanne Moog
08:51 Bug #3412 (Resolved): ViewHelperNode.php -> convertArgumentValue() -- wrong handling of integers and booleans
If you enter in some fluid if condition a parameter that is a true boolean like TRUE it gets converted to FALSE by th... Susanne Moog
08:55 Bug #3298: "if" expression language
great would be something like <f:if condition="{params.myVar}" isGreaterThan="15"> (and of course additionally to isG... Susanne Moog
08:53 Feature #3413 (Resolved): Handing the settings over to the view
Hand over $this->settings to the view so it is accessible by {settings} in the template. Susanne Moog


21:34 Revision 269341ae: FLuid:
* fixed rendering bug Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:51 Revision d74e8935: Fluid:
* removed leftover getter and member variable declaration for ViewHelperContext Karsten Dambekalns
15:09 Task #3394 (Resolved): Adjust PHPDoc Comment of ImageViewHelper
At a first glance it's not logical that the width and height are expected to be strings whereas maxWidth etc. are exp... Susanne Moog


23:16 Revision a2c2cf8f: Fluid:
* now LGPLv3 or later, so it can be a dependency for FLOW3 Karsten Dambekalns
23:12 Revision 10ca7712: Fluid:
* !!! These are breaking changes, you need to adjust your Fluid templates if you made use of <f:actionLink> or <f:for... Bastian Waidelich
22:04 Revision eede25fb: FLOW3, Fluid, TYPO3CR:
* moved DocBook sources to Manual/DocBook/ - refs #3377 Karsten Dambekalns
20:52 Revision 19b794e5: Fluid:
* Renamed VariableContainer to TemplateVariableContainer
* Introduced RenderingContext
* Removed ViewHelperContext ag...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
19:01 Feature #2815 (Resolved): Support for objects as values in hidden fields
Applied in changeset r2264. Robert Lemke
18:50 Revision c5ac41a9: * Fluid: Added support for automatic conversion of objects into identity arrays in the AbstractFormViewHelper. That means you can pass an object as a value to an Hidden field view helper and this view helper will convert the object to a uuid which is rendered into the HTML form. Resolves #2815
Robert Lemke
18:01 Feature #3385 (Resolved): Add method to check for template availability
Applied in changeset r2259. Karsten Dambekalns
16:42 Feature #3385 (Resolved): Add method to check for template availability
It must be possible to ask Fluid\TemplateView if it could resolve a template file for the current controller context. Karsten Dambekalns
17:34 Revision d8551af7: Fluid:
* Fluid\TemplateView and it's interface now have a hasTemplate() method, resolves #3385
* Fluid is now the de...
Karsten Dambekalns


23:01 Bug #3359 (Resolved): Restructure Class structure in Fluid Core
fixed : Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:49 Bug #3359: Restructure Class structure in Fluid Core
So you would have:... Bastian Waidelich
09:29 Bug #3359 (Resolved): Restructure Class structure in Fluid Core
I propose to change the Fluid Core classes like that:
Sebastian Kurfuerst
22:02 Revision 4fd18e87: Fluid:
* Restructuring node architecture (fixes #3359) Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:02 Bug #3339 (Resolved): TagBuilder->setContent should not escape HTML
Applied in changeset r2246. Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:39 Bug #3339: TagBuilder->setContent should not escape HTML
Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:
> currently working on this
It's already resolved in tx_fluid. I'm about to "forward p...
Bastian Waidelich
09:18 Bug #3339 (Accepted): TagBuilder->setContent should not escape HTML
currently working on this Sebastian Kurfuerst
19:56 Revision 0c230c14: Fluid:
* Cleaned up lots of PHPDoc
* TagBuilder->setContent() does not escape HTML anymore (fixes #3339)
* Added many @inter...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


12:18 Bug #3339 (Resolved): TagBuilder->setContent should not escape HTML
TagBuilder->setContent should not escape HTML Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:37 Bug #3295 (Resolved): implement shorthand syntax
:-) :-) :-)
Thanks for the great discussions at the coding night
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:36 Revision c025bf63: Fluid:
* Added Inline ViewHelper Syntax (resolves #3295) Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:30 Feature #3289: view context
Now called ControllerContext, already implemented in FLOW3 by Christopher Sebastian Kurfuerst
23:29 Bug #3071 (Resolved): Allow objects implementing Iterator interface in each attribute of for view helper
Please reopen this issue in case it does not work :-)
Sebastian Kurfuerst
22:24 Bug #3295: implement shorthand syntax
Reason why we do shorthand syntax to call viewhelpers: <a href="{f:uri(action='...')}" class=""> </a>
This will be...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
20:11 Revision 1b7beaea: Refactored test to get request from controller context
Christopher Hlubek
19:21 Revision f155c1ff: * Fluid: Fixed the TemplateView: $this->request didn't exist anymore.
Robert Lemke
18:55 Revision 157eba09: Fluid: fixed FormViewHelper to supress exceptions when binding empty objects to a form
Bastian Waidelich
18:53 Revision d122aa95: * FLOW3: (Locale) comment fix
* FLOW3: (MVC) Fixed the RoutePartHandler configuration parsing thing Robert Lemke
17:40 Revision 638d2225: Fluid:
* Fixed view helpers and tests that still injected VariableContainer through render/evaluate parameter. Bastian Waidelich
16:33 Feature #3317 (Resolved): AbstractFormViewHelper must be adjusted to be able to namespace arguments
see Bastian Waidelich
13:19 Revision d8b9309e: Fluid:
* AbstractViewHelper: there is no default data type of "Text" set anymore for method parameters to be able to throw a... Bastian Waidelich
11:24 Task #3311 (Closed): Refactor Unit tests
One unit test should only depend on *one* concrete class. All dependencies must be mocked or put in fixtures to avoid... Bastian Waidelich


13:04 Bug #3298 (Resolved): "if" expression language
"if" expression language - we need some expression language for IF Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:47 Feature #3297 (Closed): flash message
implement flash message Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:46 Bug #3296 (Resolved): override templatePath
override templatePath with TypoScript Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:40 Bug #3295 (Resolved): implement shorthand syntax
example: {f:date()} - the () are mandatory Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:38 Bug #3294 (Resolved): Introduce reflection cache
Introduce reflection cache Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:37 Feature #3293 (Resolved): support for legacy TypoScript (with . at end)
I HATE IT!!! I just entered 20 lines, but now I will just solve the bug... Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:28 Bug #3292 (Resolved): viewhelper backend support
we need support for using viewhelpers in BE Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:27 Feature #3291 (Needs Feedback): Cacheable viewhelpers
we need a concept for cacheable viewhelpers Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:27 Bug #3290 (Resolved): add ViewHelperContext
add ViewHelperContext
- getView
- getRequest
- addVariables, ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:27 Feature #3289 (Resolved): view context
we need a view context to pass information from controller to view
TODO: Naming!
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:25 Bug #3288 (Resolved): ViewHelper fine tuning
- add correct documentation
- rename and move LinkViewHelpers
link -> link.action
uri -> ur...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:22 Bug #3287 (Resolved): add @internal annotations
add @internal annotations Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:17 Bug #2983 (Resolved): Create a LinkViewHelper for TYPO3 v4 Fluid
Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:11 Feature #2669: PDF version of the documentation
awesome :-) Thanks a bunch! Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:09 Major Feature #2228 (Rejected): Default namespaces
We have thought about this as well, as we could use an HTML template and automatically turn the HTML form elements in... Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:03 Bug #1928: Fail silently in production mode
not for now Sebastian Kurfuerst
12:00 Task #1795 (Resolved): Restructure Node Architecture
already resolved Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:57 Bug #1929 (Accepted): HTMLSPECIALCHAR OUTPUT
Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:59 Revision 6c15df15: Fluid:
* renderChildren() does not cast result to string anymore in AbstractViewHelper
* Added ViewHelperException. If this ...
Bastian Waidelich

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