From 2009-06-03 to 2009-07-02


23:04 Revision 0f4baaca: Fluid:
[+FIX] (ViewHelpers): Removed trailing whitespace in FormViewHelper, refs #3814 Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:16 Revision 84b213d6: [TASK] FLOW3 (Tests): Fixed some issues found while trying PHPUnit 3.4
[TASK] Fluid (Tests): Fixed some issues found while trying PHPUnit 3.4
[TASK] TYPO3CR (Tests): Fixed some issues foun...
Karsten Dambekalns


11:21 Revision 158bb19e: Set next version number of package Fluid to 1.0.0-alpha3
Robert Lemke
11:21 Revision 6962133e: Tagged package Fluid as version 1.0.0-alpha2
Robert Lemke


17:48 Revision 66885964: * [TASK] FLOW3 (Package): Removed the "state" tag from the Package.xml files and the related code. Resolves #3559
Robert Lemke
16:24 Revision 6edfdbc1: * [TASK] Fluid: Fixed a comment.
Robert Lemke
13:10 Revision 15b292d0: [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): removed useless use statement
Karsten Dambekalns
09:52 Revision 3a85918d: Fluid:
* [FIX]: Fixed XML Schema generation Sebastian Kurfuerst
01:01 Revision 1ca389ff: * [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Implemented a first version of error marking on form view helpers. Refs #3793
Christopher Hlubek


23:39 Revision 2d245dd7: [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): some documentation and code tweaks
Karsten Dambekalns
23:15 Revision 308173d3: * [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed file headers
Christopher Hlubek
22:40 Revision beffb7b1: * [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers) Implemented a resource URI view helper, resolves #3791
* [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers) A basic errors view helper (f:form.errors) to display form errors, resolves #3802 Christopher Hlubek
21:38 Revision d58a736a: [TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Added tag attributes for disabled, maxlength, readonly and size to the TextboxViewHelper for text input fields, refs #3792
Christopher Hlubek
21:31 Revision 2a5d1cfe: * [FIX] FLOW3 (MVC): Arguments are reset on each call to processRequest, fixes #3795
* [FIX] FLOW3 (MVC): Fixed wrong type hints in AbstractController and added the param for redirect arguments
* [+FEAT...
Christopher Hlubek


12:34 Revision ebf93fa9: Fluid:
* (FIX) Adjusted DocbookGenerator to make it more easily backportable Sebastian Kurfuerst


20:13 Revision c2ce91e5: * [FEAT] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Added AliasViewHelper, resolves #3592
* [TASK] Fluid (Tests): Fixed and extended ForViewHelperTest
* [TASK] Fluid (Tests): Tweaked ViewHelperBaseTestcase
Bastian Waidelich
13:21 Revision 354a3d7c: [TASK] Fluid (Tests): removed obsolete test from BaseViewHelperTest that belongs to FormViewHelperTest
[TASK] Fluid (Tests): made ViewHelperBaseTestcase an abstract class to hush v4 testrunner which expects at least one ... Bastian Waidelich
00:58 Revision 85c1ded5: [FIX] Fluid (Core): Set controller context only if not null. This needs to be done for rendering contexts without a controller context (e.g. in a service)
Christopher Hlubek


13:53 Revision bac0b7f1: Fluid:
* Fixed a few doc comments
* Removed commented-out code as it was obsolete
Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:38 Revision e60c1afd: [FIX] FLOW3: fixed method signature for memorizeCleanState() in tests
[FIX] Fluid: fixed method signature for memorizeCleanState() in tests
[FIX] TYPO3CR: fixed method signature for memor...
Karsten Dambekalns
21:21 Revision 57e8179c: Fluid:
* Renamed RenderingContext::$argumentEvaluationMode to $objectAccessorPostProcessorEnabled (this is not part of the p... Sebastian Kurfuerst


13:41 Revision d39c91ff: [TASK] Fluid (Documentation): added IDs to the structural parts of the DocBook sources
Karsten Dambekalns


08:45 Revision 4d158755: * [+FEAT] Fluid (Core): Implemented a simple Expression Language which is used for boolean ViewHelper arguments. The language supports statements of the form "XX Comparator YY", where Comparator is one of ==, %, >, >=, <, <= and XX/YY are an Object Accessor, an array, a ViewHelper or a number (NO string!). This expression language can be used always inside all boolean arguments of ViewHelpers. (fixes #3298)
* [+MISC] Fluid (Core): Added some comments to ObjectAccessorPostProcessorInterface
* [-FEAT] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Re...
Sebastian Kurfuerst

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