From 2009-10-08 to 2009-11-06


15:58 Revision 985fa6c5: [~TASK] Fluid: non-functional changes done while reading the code.
Karsten Dambekalns


14:41 Revision 48c0f93c: [~API] FLOW3 (Log): setLogFileURL() was renamed to setLogFileUrl() in FileBackend.
[~API] FLOW3 (MVC): redirectToURI() was renamed to redirectToUri() in AbstractController.
[~API] FLOW3 (MVC): setRequ...
Karsten Dambekalns
12:21 Revision 1f92952c: [~TASK] Fluid: Adapted Fluid unit tests to match the changes committed in the previous revision (re: controller context)
Robert Lemke
11:33 Revision e758d57b: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed comments of ViewHelpers.
Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:25 Revision db0ef8be: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): Now, the inline notation also works if spaces are before and after ->. This makes it a lot more error-tolerant.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


12:18 Revision c51d654b: [~TASK] Fluid: Fixed the exception hierarchy - \F3\Fluid\Exception is now the most generic exception. Also added generic exceptions for Core and View.
[~TASK] Fluid (View): Wrote tests for the TemplateView::parseTemplate() method and added a safeguard for when the spe... Robert Lemke


17:29 Revision 591397a4: Set next version number of package Fluid to version 1.0.0-alpha7
Karsten Dambekalns
17:29 Revision 2cba70f9: Tagged package Fluid as version 1.0.0-alpha6
Karsten Dambekalns


17:16 Revision f0b53212: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Renamed "packageKey" attribute to "package" in ResourceViewHelper to be consistent with other link/uri view helpers
Bastian Waidelich
17:05 Revision ca245d05: [+FEATURE] Fluid (ViewHelpers): added "additionalParams" attribute to uri.action & link.action view helpers. This allows you to add non-prefixed parameters to links.
Bastian Waidelich
11:07 Revision c52fbdd7: [~TASK] Fluid (Core): No need to use our "PHP6" strtolower(), as all values checked against are plain ASCII.
Karsten Dambekalns


16:20 Revision 3ff7f92a: [!!!][+FEATURE] Fluid: Strings inside Arrays and the inline notation are now parsed by Fluid as well. This enables things like {fullName: '{firstName} {lastName}'} - thus, everything can be nested inside arrays and the ViewHelper inline notation arguments. This is a breaking change in case you used literal {...} inside your arguments, but not else. Relates to #5118.
Sebastian Kurfuerst
16:16 Revision beaa1450: [+FEATURE] Fluid (ViewHelpers): extended viewhelper by an additional "date" argument. Now you can write { 'yesterday')} in your templates. This change is backwards compatible! Relates to #5150
[+FEATURE] Fluid (ViewHelpers): extended if viewhelper by arguments "then" and "else". Now you can write {f:if(condit... Bastian Waidelich
13:28 Revision f15efd6d: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed no-brainer which prevented the Inline ViewHelper notation with object arguments from working.
Sebastian Kurfuerst
07:57 Revision 208a4c9e: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed inline documentation for ResourceViewHelper.
Karsten Dambekalns


20:56 Revision 5e5d02c1: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Changed the ResourceViewHelper again, the 'resource' argument is now called 'path'; added 'absolute' argument to generate absolute URLs.
Karsten Dambekalns
13:01 Revision 1e492c77: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (ViewHelpers): The ResourceViewHelper can now be used with the new shorthand syntax, fixes #5137.
[+BUGFIX] Fluid (ViewHelpers): The ResourceViewHelper uses the mirror path configured in FLOW3 now, fixes #5138.
Karsten Dambekalns


07:06 Revision 64b1682d: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): Validation of ViewHelper arguments is non-mandatory now, as there is no validator for each domain object / we do not always want to call it. Resolves #5108.
[+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): Shorthand Syntax of ViewHelpers can now use longer namespace prefixes than one character. Res... Sebastian Kurfuerst


21:59 Revision 774bb783: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed documentation for TextboxViewHelper (missed a form. in the example).
Karsten Dambekalns
19:26 Revision 253d646a: [~TASK] Fluid: Added @api annotations on class level.
[~TASK] Fluid: Removed Fluid-specific RuntimException and replaced it with the one from SPL. Karsten Dambekalns
17:48 Revision 8172be4a: [~TASK] DocumentationBrowser: fixed YAML syntax to follow specification.
[~TASK] FLOW3: fixed YAML syntax to follow specification.
[~TASK] Fluid: fixed YAML syntax to follow specification.
Karsten Dambekalns


19:12 Revision 190903b6: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Fixed form view helper unit tests, that should have been adapted in previous commit.
Bastian Waidelich
18:52 Revision 10280a43: [~TASK] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Added some checks to make form view helper usable without the surrounding f:form tag. This resolves #3985.
Bastian Waidelich
18:00 Revision a0cd5d46: [+BUGFIX] Fluid: register universal tag attributes in view helper. This resolves #5069.
Bastian Waidelich
12:08 Revision 3f1feee5: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core): ObjectAccessorNode now fails silently if no variable found
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:52 Revision 9829b9ef: [!!!][+FEATURE] Fluid (Core): Removed the old Shorthand Syntax, and added a new chainable syntax for ViewHelpers. ADJUST YOUR TEMPLATES in case you use the {f:….()} syntax! Resolves #5033.
[+TASK] Fluid (Core): The object accessor node now uses FLOW3 reflection service instead of custom implementation. Th... Sebastian Kurfuerst


06:37 Revision 153fa1ef: [~TASK] Fluid (Core): Added some @api annotations.
Sebastian Kurfuerst


12:53 Revision 5c78ee4b: [~TASK] FLOW3 (Package): Adjusted package manager test.
[~TASK] * (Tests): Added a few test directories here and there, just for the cleanliness. Karsten Dambekalns


14:08 Revision a409f8cd: [~API] FLOW3 (MVC): Configured the AbstractView and NotFoundView to be of scope prototype instead of singleton. Make sure to annotate all your views as prototypes as well!
[~TASK] Fluid (View): TemplateView is now prototype because it can be configured. If it stayed a singleton, we'd run ... Robert Lemke


07:57 Revision d9bb9e03: [+TASK] Fluid: Two non-functional changes to ease backporting
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:59 Revision abbe60c6: [!!!][+FEATURE] FLOW3 (Security): Added a HMAC generator and checker to prevent unauthorized access on objects where no edit fields were generated for. It is mandatory in case objects are modified on the server side. See the issue for a more in-depth explanation. This feature does NOT break backwards-compatibility as long as you use only Fluid for form-generation. In case of custom fields, it WILL break backwards compatibility, and you might need the @dontverifyrequesthash annotation. Resolves #4960.
[+FEATURE] Fluid (ViewHelpers): Added a request hash to all form fields. It is mandatory in case objects are modified... Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:15 Revision 374a29bb: [~TASK] FLOW3 (MVC): Fixed an error with handling an error in transformValue().
[~TASK] FLOW3 (Persistence): changed the way cloning affect the memorized clean state of an entity, relates to #4931.... Karsten Dambekalns

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