From 2009-12-07 to 2010-01-05


01:34 Bug #5879 (Resolved): It's not possible to make the multiple attribute optional
In my extension i have a flexform where i can configure the attributes of every formfield.
I use the IF inline synta...
Kim Lang


17:21 Revision 85fdff19: [+FEATURE][+API] Fluid (ViewHelper): The Resource view helper now supports Resource objects: Like before you can provide a path and package key pointing to a static package resource or you pass it a resource object. Relates to #5822
[~TASK][~API] Fluid (ViewHelper): The ActionViewhelper now produces only absolute URIs. The argument "absolute" is no... Robert Lemke


00:11 Bug #5783 (Resolved): The AbstractViewHelper floods the syslog
See related issue #5605 in Extbase. Jochen Rau


21:26 Feature #5485 (Accepted): Missing operators "===", "!==" and "!" in fluid comparism mechanism
This issue should be moved to the Package Fluid. Jochen Rau
14:16 Bug #5512: form view helper produces invalid XHTML output
I'd use a fieldset element instead of a div element,
seems to me more "native".
Thomas Deinhamer


22:59 Task #5636: Form_RadioViewHelper and CheckBoxViewHelper miss check for existing object before it is accessed.
I can confirm this bug. The patch works fine for me. Thanks Steffen!
Pascal Jungblut

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