From 2010-08-31 to 2010-09-29


22:24 Feature #9768: Idea: Connector to use fluid templates for ###MARKER### based extensions
I think, this is a pretty interesting idea. But I doubt, that it's doable as some extensions (e.g. tt_news) actually ... Bastian Waidelich


09:16 Feature #9956 (Rejected): Allow updating of view-variables
It would be nice, if it is possible to update variables within views.
Working with the AliasViewHelper, I got an e...
Robert Vock


23:57 Task #9950 (New): Binding to nested arrays impossible for form-elements
I want to bind my form to an array with variable nested arrays. I already extended form and set the formName to ---ig... Christian Opitz
13:30 Major Feature #8773 (Resolved): Implement support for Widgets
Applied in changeset commit:"c9226ecdbbfe40d74debbb3c419d01ff40a3fd7b". Sebastian Kurfuerst
13:13 Revision c9226ecd: [+FEATURE] Fluid: Add Widget ViewHelpers
Widget ViewHelpers enable complex functionality like Paginators,
Sorters, Autocompleters to be inserted easily into t...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:31 Feature #9143 (Resolved): Backport f:security.ifAuthenticated and f:security.ifHasRole ViewHelpers
Applied in change set r2575 Bastian Waidelich


18:18 Bug #9805 (Rejected): Code mismatch in "FormViewHelper.php"?!
I just found this code, after trying to figure out the PHP-Error...
Gabriel Kaufmann
18:07 Bug #8749: SelectViewHelper throws fatal error on PHP 5.2
Bastian Waidelich wrote:
> I just tried to reproduce this and failed..
> [...]
> with {objects} being an ArrayOb...
Bastian Waidelich


16:12 Feature #9768: Idea: Connector to use fluid templates for ###MARKER### based extensions
Note: This is not a Story (as in Scrum) so I moved this issue to the Feature tracker Bastian Waidelich
15:43 Feature #9768 (Closed): Idea: Connector to use fluid templates for ###MARKER### based extensions
1.) You install an oldschool extension as comments
2.) You insert the plugin and use the extension as you ...
Jonas Felix


14:05 Revision f6aa4ecd: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (ViewHelpers): RenderViewHelper works with TYPO3
In I14c6dd4d9db13a98f1873a79bb43fbf299d2c835, we have introduced
a change which caused the Menu generation in TYPO3 P...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


10:45 Feature #6289 (Resolved): {settings} not automatically available in partials
Applied in changeset commit:"5beb4177be2efff10cfe396d940e8d59f176ca64". Sebastian Kurfuerst


11:08 Feature #6289: {settings} not automatically available in partials
this issue is now in Gerrit, waiting for reviews.
Test Case: https://r...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:05 Revision 5beb4177: [+FEATURE] Fluid (Core): {settings} is available in Partials
Now, the {settings} are automatically available in partials and sections.
Before, they had to be passed explicitely, ...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:01 Revision f2ee2f79: [-API] Fluid (Core): Remove getTemplateParser() method.
This method has accidentally gotten an @api annotation,
and was only needed for the Viewhelpertest package.
Now, thi...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


12:41 Bug #9627 (Resolved): Two test failures in Tx_Fluid_ViewHelpers_Persistence_IdentityViewHelperTest
! Error...
Oliver Klee


17:00 Bug #9515 (Resolved): form ViewHelper does not render hidden identity field when using "objectName" argument
Applied in changeset commit:"b17f3f86782e544e3180204ed068af8ef5f2715a". Bastian Waidelich

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