From 2010-10-12 to 2010-11-10


22:28 Revision 839a4fb5: Merge "[~TASK] Fluid: Mock detectFormat() in AbstractWidgetControllerTest"
Robert Lemke
17:06 Revision 01c30cc4: [~TASK] Fluid: Mock detectFormat() in AbstractWidgetControllerTest
The ActionController introduced a new method detectFormat() which is called
during processRequest(). This needs to be...
Robert Lemke


12:03 Revision 87b4e2ea: [TASK] Fluid (View): minor naming cleanup
Inside TemplateView::expandGenericPathPattern, the subpackageKey
was spelled subPackageKey. Additionally, if no subpa...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:26 Revision b8267836: [~TASK] Fluid: Migrated test case namespaces
Migrated the namespaces of all existing test cases to match the
new conventions for this purpose.
Relates to: #10426
Robert Lemke


22:31 Revision d2a02c31: [~TASK] Fluid: Adjust to new PHPUnit
Relates to: #10280
Change-Id: I8cd1e5880222f10a4c6ae7fbfe2b74508437aae3
Karsten Dambekalns

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