From 2011-02-06 to 2011-03-07


17:00 Feature #13643 (Resolved): Create Command for XSD Schema generation
the Xsd Generation for Fluid ViewHelper Tags doesn't work (since quite some time I think). I created a patc...
Jascha Dachtera


21:28 Revision 7bed459b: [~TASK] Fixed scope of Widget Request Handler and Builder
Change-Id: Ia5b63d397bceb8402a7b14177e81b646783fffd3 Robert Lemke
10:37 Revision 4e0e86b5: [~TASK] Adapt code to new proxy mechanism
Removed usage of the old AOP proxy methods for determining the target
class name.
Adjust to the new Environment alon...
Robert Lemke


18:46 Task #13342 (Resolved): f:form.checkbox does only render hidden input for first item of same name
If you attempt to have multiple forms on the same page with inputs that have the same name-attr (i.e. multiple forms ... martin no-lastname-given


08:53 Revision d7fed246: Merge "[+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core) Fix Widgets"
Sebastian Kurfuerst
08:51 Revision 7b3f74a0: [+BUGFIX] Fluid (Core) Fix Widgets
This bugfix makes Widgets work again, after the
Request changes to enable Subrequests. Furthermore,
the AutocompleteC...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


01:08 Bug #13045 (New): Entity decode of strings are different between if-conditions and output of variable
If I assign the following to a variable:... Armin Vieweg


18:00 Task #12991 (Resolved): form.errors ViewHelper should merge property errors
At the moment, the form.errors view helper returns, when the first PropertyError with the correct property name was f... Alexander Stehlik


10:55 Revision 79b9b555: [+FEATURE] Fluid (Core): Set layoutName by variable
This changeset adds the possibility to assign the layoutName by using <f:layout render="{var}" />
Relates to: #12746...
Rens Admiraal


09:43 Bug #12777: Empty a tag ends with /> instead of </a>
Hi Georg,
Where do you see a "special" configuration? I only set an existing attribute for all link tags, that's a...
Xavier Perseguers
09:17 Bug #12777: Empty a tag ends with /> instead of </a>
but this is not always the case, e.g. img or meta dont need a closing tag. so there needs to be a special config Georg Ringer
09:25 Bug #12863 (New): Attributes of a viewhelper can't contain a '-'
It seems that a '-' in the key of an attribute destroys everything
example of viewhelper...
Georg Ringer


13:05 Revision 4d120dc8: [~TASK] FLUID (Core): Make default layoutName UpperCamelCase
- Changed 'default' to 'Default'
- Added ucfirst($layoutName) to <f:layout name="default" /> will not break rendering...
Rens Admiraal

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