From 2011-02-24 to 2011-03-25


10:47 Revision ce6cace9: [BUGFIX] (ViewHelpers) Change QueryResult to QueryResultInterface
Adjust AutocompleteViewHelper and PaginateViewHelper to the changed
persistence class hierarchy.
Fixes: #14017
Karsten Dambekalns
10:44 Revision a506efb2: [TASK] Fix failing WidgetRequestBuilderTest
With commit 6a92fa3889855add33a95b20bda51d59c646c9dd (also known as
change I94938e3a5768bb7432aa511657526757f1d5932d)...
Karsten Dambekalns


12:04 Revision 6a92fa38: [BUGFIX] WidgetRequestBuilder has to set request and base URI
Change-Id: I94938e3a5768bb7432aa511657526757f1d5932d Andreas Förthner


14:24 Revision 3f7ed40c: [TASK] Fix failing AbstractWidgetControllerTest
Change-Id: I384844b4785529ea7fc1d07a190ad8d8ce5e3cae Karsten Dambekalns


13:06 Revision 90606446: [~TASK] Fix test/persistence coupling
The Fluid tests obviously should have no coupling to the FLOW3
Change-Id: I4938c570ec72e0c0cd1585d06e80...
Karsten Dambekalns
13:05 Revision 32ee919f: [~TASK] (ViewHelpers) Remove use of persistence magic
Some hardcoded use of the persistence magic is removed to decouple
from the old persistence layer.
Change-Id: Ic4189...
Karsten Dambekalns


21:28 Revision 7bed459b: [~TASK] Fixed scope of Widget Request Handler and Builder
Change-Id: Ia5b63d397bceb8402a7b14177e81b646783fffd3 Robert Lemke
10:37 Revision 4e0e86b5: [~TASK] Adapt code to new proxy mechanism
Removed usage of the old AOP proxy methods for determining the target
class name.
Adjust to the new Environment alon...
Robert Lemke

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