From 2011-03-31 to 2011-04-29


11:18 Revision a5ff9b25: [TASK] Better error message for "unknown section" exception
Change-Id: I6de1f66402cb5c1d4781f1cdb41e04cb23cf016c Robert Lemke


16:01 Revision 39872f42: Merge "[TASK] Remove useless proxy methods in unit tests"
Robert Lemke


11:18 Revision 7d1322f4: [TASK] Remove useless proxy methods in unit tests
This removes the methods FLOW3_AOP_Proxy_getProxyTargetClassName() and
FLOW3_AOP_Proxy_getProperty() from two unit te...
Karsten Dambekalns


17:09 Revision feb6c41f: [+BUGFIX] (ViewHelpers): Error displaying in ViewHelpers should work for all values.
That's why the data needs to be fetched from the original
request in getValue(), and not in getPropertyValue() -- wh...
Sebastian Kurfuerst


15:11 Revision f449ae16: [BUGFIX] Adjust Objects.yaml to the RequestHandler constructor signature
The WidgetRequestBuilder is the second argument, no longer the fourth.
Change-Id: I2cd9da688bda4b7193e3115d33ee2f8fc...
Andreas Förthner


20:21 Revision 41b1cebb: Merge "[TASK] @return annotations now with fully qualified class names"
Robert Lemke
20:19 Revision da2a3c3a: Merge "[TASK] Adjust @var annotations to current coding guidelines"
Robert Lemke
20:13 Revision 285dc470: [+BUGFIX] Make Fluid unit tests run again without fatal error
My next step will be to make the incomplete/skipped tests run again,
and improve the test coverage.
Change-Id: I652b...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
15:12 Revision 98bbd11a: [TASK] Adjust @var annotations to current coding guidelines
Change-Id: I5c47ef7d34b66f189b8f7778db5c969548e77fde Andreas Förthner
09:43 Revision 17b232b7: [TASK] @return annotations now with fully qualified class names
This makes IDE interpretation more reliable.
Change-Id: I04a53c9f5c92f3a0cd4f9cd1e36af44f2eb90880
Karsten Dambekalns


10:48 Revision bb156ceb: Merge "[FEATURE] improve fluid paginate widget"
Sebastian Kurfuerst


23:39 Revision e77ec815: [FEATURE] improve fluid paginate widget
* forward port changes from extbase
* add configuration for maximum number of pages to display
Thanks to Georg Ringe...
Tobias Liebig
17:11 Revision e2bbfc6b: [+BUGFIX] Make Fluid work with new PropertyMapper, and Arguments.
Also needs Iba9bc4b67565161e601855b441a98e654ac728ed
Change-Id: Icb95266b7abe9a75adb426c32747080605cd56ed
Sebastian Kurfuerst


14:12 Revision 93386447: [~TASK] Add Package class and adjust to AbstractController changes
Change-Id: I2f7620a995aced16f053a650c2c2241b5ea6e62d Robert Lemke

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