From 2011-04-30 to 2011-05-29


12:20 Feature #27120: filters for ViewHelpers and templates
Mostly this Twig concept but adapted to Fluid and without nesting in another tag
Fernando Arconada
12:04 Feature #27120 (Needs Feedback): filters for ViewHelpers and templates
if I understand you correctly what you want, that's already possible using the Raw ViewHelper:
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:26 Feature #27120 (Rejected): filters for ViewHelpers and templates
You dont always want you HTML escaped. ViewHelpers could have filter attribute to avoid HTML escaping or for using yo... Fernando Arconada
11:18 Feature #27119 (Resolved): Declare namespaces in XML tag
One of the great things of FLUID is that is XML but namespace declaration isnt. There should be a way/tag to declare ... Fernando Arconada


16:08 Feature #27091 (Closed): Viewhelpers for strtolower/strtoupper
I would like to see 2 viewhelpers for strtolower() and strtoupper().
At the first this maybe sounds silly because ...
Georg Ringer


11:59 Feature #26665: Fluid: Implement String comparison
*Note:* I added an entry to the Extbase FAQ: Bastian Waidelich
11:42 Feature #26692 (Rejected): String comparison support for f:if
Thanks for reporting, but this is a duplicate of #26665 ;) Bastian Waidelich


00:08 Bug #26844 (Resolved): Wrong PaddingViewHelper description
File: PaddingViewHelper.php, Line: 49
(Just a copy of the PrintfViewHelper description)...
Lars Malach
00:05 Feature #26843 (Resolved): Padding Type in ViewHelper
Add the padding type as possible parameters to the PaddingViewHelper.
Of Example:...
Lars Malach


00:16 Feature #10472: Fluid Standalone distribution
The following Extbase interfaces/classes are directly used by Fluid.
My feeling is that one needs to have a small ...
Benni Mack


22:14 Feature #26692 (Rejected): String comparison support for f:if
I think it's really necessary that <f:if> fully supports simple string comparisons like this:... Martin Brüggemann
08:16 Feature #26665: Fluid: Implement String comparison
Some behaviors that I would expect from this feature:
Bastian Waidelich


15:35 Bug #12777 (Resolved): Empty a tag ends with /> instead of </a>
Applied in changeset commit:bd18b4f133ec106fc4dcebed4a1ca890e7a2c8d2. Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:31 Bug #12777: Empty a tag ends with /> instead of </a>
Patch set 1 of change Icab2204f464f43716e0e52e7f2dae2133c6404c1 has been pushed to the review server.
It is available...
Mr. Hudson
11:31 Bug #12777 (Under Review): Empty a tag ends with /> instead of </a>
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:13 Feature #26665 (Resolved): Fluid: Implement String comparison
Sebastian Kurfuerst
11:04 Task #26664 (New): Clean up Form ViewHelpers
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:37 Feature #11660 (Closed): Universal tag attributes do not allow other javascript events than onclick
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:36 Bug #11122: Doc comments for render method not work with tabs
I am not sure if FLOW3 is capable of this, we need to discuss that. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:35 Bug #11028 (Closed): Output of domain and property validator error messages performs always an default error
fixed with new Property Mapper in FLOW3, will be backported. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:35 Bug #11007 (Closed): PaginateController uses wrong offset
should be fixed now, as the Paginate Widget has been completely rebuilt in v5 (and will be soon backported) Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:33 Feature #9768 (Closed): Idea: Connector to use fluid templates for ###MARKER### based extensions
closing because of missing feedback. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:33 Bug #9627 (Resolved): Two test failures in Tx_Fluid_ViewHelpers_Persistence_IdentityViewHelperTest
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:32 Feature #9429 (Closed): f:render section with arguments
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:32 Feature #9211 (Rejected): Improve ViewHelper exception handling
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:30 Feature #7618 (Rejected): Add support for nested evaluation.
sorry, for now this feature would imply a complete restructuring of the Fluid parser... Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:26 Feature #7203 (Resolved): Object accessor could work for associative arrays
resolved. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:26 Bug #7138: Changes to ObjectAccessor break usage with fluid conditions
Must be re-verified; and should have a testcase in Viewhelpertest. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:25 Bug #6822 (Closed): unhelpful error message if template cannot be read
thanks for the feedback! Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:25 Bug #6779 (Closed): {} parsed inconsistently?
thanks for noting, should be fixed by now. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:23 Bug #6570 (Closed): RuntimeException thrown in file ViewHelperVariableContainer.php
fixed until now. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:22 Bug #6392 (Closed): #1225136013 - This Exception should never be thrown
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:22 Bug #6287 (Closed): Fluid User Manual outdated / missing information
we'll soon update the whole documentation.
Thanks for the notice!
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:19 Story #5583 (Closed): DateFormat View Helper doesn't respect locale setting
duplicate Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:19 Bug #4972 (Closed): does not respect locale.
closed, as it's a PHP missing feature so far. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:16 Feature #4704 (New): Improve parsing exception messages
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:14 Bug #5056 (Closed): F3\Fluid\Core\RuntimeException thrown in file TemplateVariableContainer.php
resolved by now. Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:05 Feature #5485 (Rejected): Missing operators "===", "!==" and "!" in fluid comparism mechanism
* !== and === are now automatically used for objects.
* Only negation is possible by doing <f:if><f:else>...</...></...
Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:03 Task #26658 (New): Make Form ViewHelpers consistent
... should be done on T3DD Sebastian Kurfuerst
10:00 Feature #9956 (Rejected): Allow updating of view-variables
you can use partials which recursively call themselves in such situations. Sebastian Kurfuerst
09:59 Bug #9805 (Rejected): Code mismatch in "FormViewHelper.php"?!
That's correct, it's a chained method call. Sebastian Kurfuerst


18:30 Bug #4667 (Resolved): Error class magic only works for object properties....
works now with the new Validation. Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:29 Story #3714 (Rejected): Add advanced validation of ViewHelper arguments
Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:28 Task #3311 (Closed): Refactor Unit tests
Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:27 Bug #1928 (Rejected): Fail silently in production mode
Sebastian Kurfuerst
18:27 Feature #1907 (New): Default values for view helpers based on context
Sebastian Kurfuerst


08:42 Bug #26481: hidden fields should be rendered in extra section
The referrers are inserted at the beginning of the form. So the setup seems to be just right. Sven-S. Porst

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